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    Problem removing B kit supercharger impeller.

    Im replacing the bearings in my B kit supercharger, but i cant get the impeller off the shaft. Have rebuilt stock charger before no problem, but the impeller on this b kit does not want to budge. Anybody have tips on getting it off the shaft?? I dont want to use pliers or grips incase of damage.. How do all you people with rude chargers and b kits get the impeller off without breaking it?

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    Sounds like corrosion has got in there.

    Relasant lashed in there to start with will help. Sometimes a loving 'All-round' jolt will shift it then..!!

    Just make sure you tap it evenly, and no marks, it will come.

    or hold from outside edges with strap, and try twisting it free.

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    use some heat on the impellor..

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    Just did a search, the best way seems to be press the shaft out with a press. Aftermarket impellers have a tight fit on the shaft, no wonder it didnt fall off like the stock one..

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    Try just a touch of heat on the outside of the impeller w/ a small torch.

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