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    2001 RXDI air pump!

    Does anyone understand how the airpump works on this ski? Can you explain the purpose of it, obviously it works with the Direct Injection! Friend of mine has one and we were told it is the problem leading to the engine not running at idle

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    I had one here that failed completely but it still idled and reved up but not very well.
    It's a compressor that pumps high pressure air into the fuel rail so that it helps inject the air/fuel directly into the combustion chamber. now i'm not sure on the timing of it but it needs the extra pressure to overcome the building cylinder pressure after the exhaust port is shut with the piston comming up therefore no fuel goes out the exhaust.
    it works off the balance shaft, so check the air comming out of the hose going into the fuel/air rail, if there is none then remove the top off the airpump and see if the little, piston is moving up and down while turning the engine by hand.
    Also don't be fooled by the actuation of the rave valves after shut down as a verifation of the air pump working, i just did one where the piston was not going but they still worked, and the only reason i could think of is that the air was getting pushed back through the opening air injectors pressurising the system

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    Thanks man, that was very informative! The piston is moving up in its cylinder but the guy that owns the ski says when he removed the hose that runs from the piston to the fuel rail there was no pressure? We are curious if the discs that seem to act as reeds in the top assembly aren't closing?

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    could be, they have been known to fail, also check the condition of the bore

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