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    Supercharger bearing size?

    Hi guys, first of all, I think this site is absolutely amazing. I have learned so much about my 05' RXP by reading the many forums and thank everyone for the info, that being said.....

    I have searched the forums and could not find what i was looking for so I am posting my first thread.

    I hear so much about replacing the ceramic washers with steel as well as replacing the stell bearings with ceramic.

    My question is, does anybody know what size the bearing is? outer diameter, inner diameter and width? I ask because a friend of mine makes custom bearings and said he could probably make me one if he had the measurements.

    Also, can the ceramic washers be replaced by ANY steel washer or is there a specific type, kind, size etc.?

    Im trying to save money like many of us probably are but at the same time I dont want to do it the wrong way. Does this sound like a good idea?

    Thanks in advance for all of the input, this site is awesome!!

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    Welcome to the hulk..

    The bearing number is 6200 C3
    The clutch washers are special and made for the application.

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    that was quick haha. thank you!

    Is the bearing sealed or is it open? Does it matter how many balls are in it? Does 6200 C3 contain all the info my bearing guy will need or is that a product number of sorts?

    Sorry for the lack of knowledge. I have only heard of the traditional "5x10" kinda thing for bearing sizes and what not, so this is new to me.

    Thanks again!!

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    the clutches are not washers, they are clutches. people call them washers because they look like washers. the bearing is a common $5 bearing but I couldn't testify as to how well anything but from the manufacturer that Sea Doo sells will hold up. the bearing has no seals, open on both sides

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    ahh, that explains a lot then. This whole time I have been thinking that the washers and clutches are two different parts. I was reading all of the supercharger rebuild forums and that was about the only part that confused me.

    Are there any recommendations or experiences as to which company makes the best clutches/washers?

    In case it matters, I have a 2005 RXP. Totally stock.

    Thank you

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    Jerry sells the Riva clutch and best quality bearings for out application in the store. Just click on "order parts" on the left and search.
    There are 5 spring 'washers' on the shaft. These are used to adjust the slippage of the clutch. Not sure if Jerry has them or not. Here they are from McMaster...
    Here's a good read also:
    and check out the 'how-to and FAQS" subforum for lots of info.

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