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Thread: Cape May nj

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    Cape May nj

    going on vacation in july...wondering where access ramps are and good riding areas in bay? or ocean? thanks


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    When I july? I'm going to be in wildwood the middle two weeks of july. I ride in what they call sunset bay and out in the ocean as well. i keep my ski at Lakeview Docks, on the bay.

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    i'll be there july 4th to idea where sunset bay is... is it a public ramp there?

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    I'm sure there is somewhere, though I'm not sure where off the top of my head. I'll do a little research for you tomorrow and I'll let you know.

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    The best place to launch from in Cape May or wildwood is the free ramp behind the lucky bones restaurant (across the street from the Lobster House). Which is right after you go over the big bridge into Cape May.

    I'll be at my house in Cape May 4th of July weekend, so let me know if you want to ride.

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    thnx for the info... i will let you know next week...when exactly i will be there on the 4th or 5th

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    I'm heading down there Thursday afternoon / evening depending on what time I get outta work. Hoping they let us go at like 2 or 3 and I'll be there all weekend.

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