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    2000 GTX Millennium Edition Help

    1st post long time reader/dreamer, some of your skis are awesome. I am at a cross roads with my ski. Had stall/bogging issues last fall and have had carbs rebuilt once already. Ran great for about 10 hours and now bogging down again, took it to the shop and they are willing to rebuild or replace carbs. Both are about the same price overall labor for rebuild vs. install of new. Problem is they did a compression check and rear cylinder is at 140psi. they said thatís normal to slightly high, bad news front cylinder is 115psi. They tell me thatís low. Question for the experts, what makes the best sense. Put $ into carbs with fear of cylinder failure down the road or cut my losses. I donít know enough about cylinder pressures to make the choice. To be honest, I assume the pressure is low due to escaping gasses around the cylinder pistons but I am not even sure about that. I donít want to throw my money away, silly thought considering our chosen hobby. Reality is I canít afford a new ski right now but I would hate to drop big $$ in this if ski death is imminent. Thanks for the help.

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    If it still has the gray fuel lines from 2000 that is why your carbs keep getting clogged up.

    As for the variation in compression, the numbers are too far apart. If I have done my math right (and that is a big IF) it is a 17% drop. Any more than 10% is considered poor and I like to see them within 5% (well, exactly the same is what I like).

    Either they botched the test or something is wrong in that front cylinder. There are several things that could cause a loss in compression. Wear is one, but normaly both cylinders will wear the same. It could have siezed, burned a hole in the piston, cracked the piston, broken a reed valve. The base and or head gasket could be leaking as well (not so likely, though).

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