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    Best way to attach tow rope on a raider???

    I have a 94 raider and am trying to figure the best way to hook up a tow rope.

    The rear passenger handle doesn't look like it is strong enough and there are two holes on the rear platform, can I use these?

    Or is there a way to glue a board inside and run a eye hook through into it?

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    i dont thik it would be good to tow on that ski in my opinion

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    Done it with 2 tubers because they said I couldn't pull them with that "little" thing. Just hooked both ropes down to the 2 holes in back for the tie down on trailering. Lets just say they were on the tubes, off the tubes, and done tubing within a matter of 30 seconds and not feeling too good afterwards.

    They did complain about water getting shot in their eyes. Thats with it trimmed up and 5 degree. My whole plan too

    Don't like pulling things at all with it. Its annoying and take too much time to lupe the ropes through the holes. If you want to tow, get a 3 seater or a boat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yz450f View Post
    i dont thik it would be good to tow on that ski in my opinion
    yeahh you might be asking for trouble with this ski..

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    Its not something I plan to do all the time, but I just want to find the best position so that if I do, I don't tear the thing apart.

    So the two small holes on the back have enough support?

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    Oh yea. Never had a problem here. Its low to the water so if its a tuber, they hate the spray from the rope and jet pump but works good for skiers and wakeboarders. I do it for some of my friends sometime if they really really want to ski bad or wakeboard and have no way to.

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    you had the five degree on it ? wonder they got a major spray job.....

    a longer rope would have helped and also rigging it higher up to change the pull angle (this would change the jet blast to a more down position)

    an eyelet and backing plate may be the ticket if the rear curved area is strong enough ( see a gp hull, it uses an eyelet a couple inches higher than the deck surface tie downs)

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    I have a 3/8" rope with loops tied on each end. The knots for each loop are the same distance apart as the holes on the back of the raider. I push the loops down through the holes and then attach a normal ski harness to the loops on the bottom side. The knots keep the rope from pulling through the holes.

    I've pulled skiers (lighter people) and tubes behind mine.

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