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    Talking Jet-Pump Part numbers.

    Hey everyone. I have just been studying my Jet-pump(Impeller Housing), and noticed the number on it as a part number has had the last three numbers rubbed off, and replaced with 333.

    Now, if I look at the parts numbers, the one for my 07 ski is 267 000 327, and not 267 000 333..!!

    I also notice large variance in numbers across the board when it comes to Jet-Pump part numbers..!!

    Now, when I look for this part number on my Jet-Pump, it is not listed at all..!!

    So, it leaves me with a few questions.

    1, What is the most efficient Jet-Pump part number?
    2, Are all the pumps the same on the BVIC 4-Tec's?
    3, And why, if it is not a performance altering change, even though I have not looked closely, have they changed it?

    Now there's a few questions??

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    Hmmm, it would seem no one has spotted this this anomaly?

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