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    seadoo sp wear ring replacement

    I have an old 1989 SP, I was wondering if someone could tell me how to replace the wear ring. Thanks

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    Remove the (2) Bailer Tubes and (1) 1/2" water connection from inside the Hull FIRST.

    Remove the Jet Pump from the Hull by gently prying the edges of the Jet Pump corners to release the Jet Pump from the Ultra Black adhesive. Sometimes it helps to get in there with a box cutter razor knife and cut as much out and undercut the adhesive under the edge of the Jet Pump before prying it out.

    After you get the Jet Pump out, remove the Impeller.

    Use a Dremel Cut-Off disc to cut a wide groove into the old Wear Ring all the way down to the Jet Pump casting surface.

    The Wear Ring will be able to be collapsed enough to easily pull it out. Freeze the new Wear Ring ahead of time in a refrigerator to slightly shrink it. It will still need to be "persuaded" into the Jet Pump body with
    a 2 x 4.

    You must wire brush all the old adhesive from the Jet Pump and Hull fiberglass surface and use new Ultra Black (NAPA auto parts store) to seal the Jet Pump to the Hull before tightening the fasteners.

    Fun job , but the performance increase of the new Wear Ring will be worth it.


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