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    Lightbulb VX110 SOLAS 18/24 on a GPR??

    I saw this prop on the parts side of greenhulk. All we can buy is a 14/20, and have them repitched.

    Will a VX110 prop fit with our pump? the pitch looks like a better starting point to me, if I can buy it and not have to pitch, and save money i'm all about it.


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    The VX prop turns at 5400rpm (max) for 53mph ... if that helps ! Engine turns at 8000 via a 1.48 reduction drive.

    Its also 28 kilograms heavier than the GP ...


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    the vx prop is totally dif is like honda kawi and seadoo prop amd use a shaft like those

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    bill is correct james, the prop has splines built into the front of it that the driver shaft slides into, it actually threads onto a short shaft coming out of the pump. very similiar to sea-doo pumps.

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