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    Non responsive throttle

    Started the ski up for the first time this season, fired up first try, but when i open up the throttle nothing happens, it just continues to idle.

    Possible suggestions?????

    Checked the linkage, it is connected correctly and opens up with out problem.

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    Man, the only thing I can think is that the plates are not opening. It would almost have to do SOMETHING when you pulled them open. Either rev up, bog and die or something.

    It is seems impossible for it to stay at idle with the throttles pulled open. It would have to go one way or the other.

    You can see the throttle shafts on the top of the carbs. Did you make sure that the shafts themselves are moving, or look in the carbs with a mirror while pulling the throttle?

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    I concur, If the linkage is connected and the plates are indeed opening the motor would not idle, ( way to much air )

    Pull the box or flame arrestors and look down the bores to see the plates open,,

    Make sure there is NOT a big mouse nest in the pipe or the air inlet, or some other form of blockage,

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