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Thread: Jet Ski Battery

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    Jet Ski Battery

    I had left my jet ski battery installed over the winter. When I went to start it now I got it to start once but now when you go to start it it acts like it won't start (it starts to start, but then it acts like it's dying) so I am assuming that the battery is bad. What type of charger do I need for the battery to charge it? I just got the battery last year, so would it go bad already?

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    Try charging it first.

    A trickle charge like "battery tender" is good.

    You want a low amp overnight charge.

    You DO NOT want a 1 hr charge type.

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    Hey L
    Like X said,first try to charge the battery,use a charger that is between 1-2 amp.
    It is possible a new battery will go bad,this forum see's it too many times.

    Let us know how it acts,after charging.

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    Is there anything else I need to do before taking it out for the first time this summer? (After of course I get the battery working)

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    tighten terminal bolts with a wrench , not a screwdriver. A large majority of skis I get in that have wally world batteries have loose cables and a film of corrosion on the starter cable.

    Clean cables with emery paper, tighten bolts with 10mm wrench( a little tighter then you are comfortable..but just a little) and spray with wd-40 before sliding protective caps on.

    Don't leave batteries connected over the off season, the ski's computer will flatten them, often past the point of a charge recover

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    Don't for get to grease the thruhull bearing/seal and the coupler before you head out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LMORENO2008 View Post
    Is there anything else I need to do before taking it out for the first time this summer? (After of course I get the battery working)
    Review the section of the service manual that covers winterization, and seasonal preparation.

    Make sure the drain plugs are in place

    Review the water hose you would need to clamp off if you need a tow.

    Make sure you have all the gear for safe riding, including a tow rope, waterproof bag for the mobile phone, and so on.

    And if at all possible, go with another boat/ski. Buddy system is a good thing. And a second set of eyes to check things over never hurts.

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    I need to also add that I live in Michigan....The jetski was stored in the garage all winter BUT was never winterized.....

    I know that just add's to my problems, right? Anything else you guys suggest before taking the ski out?

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    I've found....

    That making offerings to Posiden isn't a bad idea when maintenance has been questionable. Offer up some type of beverage (alcoholic if possible from the origin of your ancestors preferably, but in a pinch Gatorade will do).

    Pour two glasses, make a toast to the wonder of Posiden's rule of all things waterborne take a swig and then pour the other cup over the nose of the ski (for Posiden of course).

    Somehow this offering broke an incredible string of bad luck ( one guy ran out of injector oil, another sucked a rope up into the prop ( and then broke the ride gradate bolts trying to clear it) and the third had a buddy mistake a seadoo hull vent hose for a gas fill) that had hit a group of my customers over a two week period. Now they think I have magical powers to boot..

    back in another life, a long time ago in a place very far away we would take our tow trucks over to the local church to be blessed (there was a specific day for vehicles. but my memory is failing) Seemed that our winch cables would stop breaking without warning and our PTO's would spin a bit smoother after that..and I went an entire summer without having to fix my a/c.

    While I'm about as far from being a religious fanatic as can can't hurt can it?

    Working out on upper body strength at the beginning of the season is a real want to make sure you can get back on the ski if you happen to get off in deep water. I was on an outing yesterday and our friends daughter didn't have enough upper body stuff to get back on a tube after she got off at speed. 20-50 pushups every morning will get some strength in there, but you want to make sure you can make a good try of getting back on in chest deep water first ( my personal ski has a boarding step..but I got caught last season not being able to get back on a little seadoo 580 after I got off..that really sucked for about an hour before I finally managed to get back on. ( no seat strap on that one)

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    Ok ya lost me there nmpeter....

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