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    99 Yamaha XL 1200 Waverunner CRAANK NO START!!!

    I have a 99 Yamaha Waverunner XL1200. It turns over cranks very STRONG but will not start.

    New battery and plugs- good spark at plugs...
    Gas pumped to filter...
    Plenty of gas...
    Display flashes start...
    Turns over so strong but will not start

    Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The first thing I would do is check the compression on all three cylinders. They should be around 120 psi.

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    My parents 99 Xl 760 did the same thing. If you spray alittle ether in the intake it will start right up. However, here comes the bad news, during the winter he had it checked out and the engine needed a rebuilt.

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    Where is the intake that I can spray the either in????????????

    How do I check the compression?????

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    Oh ya thanks guys. Your input is greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Got it running!!!!!! Poured a little gas in each cylinder and she fired right up. I let it run for 30 sec or so. Shut it off and waited a few min. Tried to crak and she started right up no problem. Although she did have a lot of smoke coming out of it though. Is this normal?

    Also I accidentaly disconected a wire and I am not sure where it goes. It comes from the exhaust I think(large black tube with plastic shield over it; right side of ski/engine twds the back of engine compartment). The wires inside are 1black and 1white. Anyone know where it connects back to??????????

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    That sounds like the temp sensor. It should have a black plug on one that plug in to the left side of the black box behind engine.The left side when you are setting on ski.

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    I would not pour gas in the cylinder that ski needs gas/oil mix it is a 2-stroke and smoke is ok as long as it doesnt do that all the time, that means plenty of oil in there.

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    Gas in cylinder is what the dealer recommended. Oil and gas are put in separate areas does the ski mix it? Because it is not a pre mix!!!

    Ran fine for a couple of hours. It also quit smoking prettty quick.

    I did notice that something seems to be slipping. If you lay on the gas rpms will increase but it seems like it takes the ski a second or more to catch up. If you do a 180 and keep on the gas it takes a while to start pushing you. Or even if you just pin the gas it will take a second to hook up!!! Is this hesitation/ slipping normal??????

    Also after a few hours of riding the oil warning light came on. I checked the oil level though and it seems to have plenty. If you shut the ski off it resets or the level increases on the display. But, soon as I start riding it hard again it comes back on. What could this be???? Are the two related??? I am going to try to top it off with oil today and see if that helps.

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    2 quarts of oil fixed the light. Guess it was low.

    Still slipping though could it be cativating(sp????)????

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