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    Water issue Ultra 250x

    Today we were doing some towing on a relatively new Ultra 250x. Ski has maybe 15 hours on it. Never been flipped and was riding great yesterday. Rode it for maybe 2 hours. Took it out of the water and filled it up, checked the oil.

    Today, put it in the water, everything seems fine. Ran it for about 10 minutes and then took it to the beach to start tubing. Pulled the tube for maybe 5 minutes before falling off. The ski was running great, didn't seem to be straining at all. Pulled around to get the tube back to the tuber and noticed the ski sitting lower. Tuber couldn't reload, so we started up the ski and dragged her back to the beach. Ski wouldn't go more than 10 mph. Got to the beach and the ski was practically half full with water in the engine compartment. Had to swim it back to the dock to get it back on the trailer.

    Pulled the plugs and water flowed out once we got it on the trailer. Front under-bay was pretty full and the engine compartment was probably half full.

    Where could the water have come in from? We checked the hull and no cracks. What would cause the ski to fill up, and so fast?

    Thanks for any insights.

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    sounds like a hose popped off. Try running it on the hose while looking in the engine and see if it is leaking anywhere. Remember to open the drain plugs first.

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    Thanks for the quick response. Because we ran the ski back to shore with water in the engine area (maybe 300-400 yards), should we have any worries running it to test this? Could it do more damage to the ski if there is water somewhere that hasn't drained?

    Sorry, very new with any type of issues as this is the first time this has ever happened on a ski that we have owned. Upgrade to a 2008 ultra 250x and then hitting a problem in the first 25 hours sucks.

    Thanks again,


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    I've heard the 250's have this problem of the hoses popping off. Where are these hoses located exactly? Any pictures to help illustrate this?

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    First, Check oil for water, if not gray or mucky then Pull spark plugs all of them and turn over motor to see if water shoots out. Then replace spark plugs and run on hose to see which hose is loose or off (disconnected). Report back if oil has water. There is a thread that covers this some place. You might as well pull the seat bracket too at same time to see way behind the intercooler

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    what Mike Said. you need to get the water out of the engine ASAP! Check your oil see if its Milky. If it is. Then you've got your work cut out for ya. Good luck. The sooner you get the water out the better. ESPECIALLY if its salt water.

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    Was reading your first post and you say front compartment was full??? Did someone forget to shut or cap flush valve??? Now if that hose came loose or disconnected have fun pulling your cowling off!!

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    First, thanks for all of the replies. This has been a unique experience.

    It was not in salt water, so that is not an issue fortunately.

    Upon looking around the engine compartment we could not notice any hoses disconnected or cut. We have done absolutely zero work to the ski since we got it other than regularly checking the oil, so nothing that we did opened any valves or other things that could have done this to our knowledge.

    We are taking it to the dealer ASAP, but right now they are having trouble fitting us in, so we are trying to do as much as possible to help.

    When I said the front compartment had water in it, I mean the area underneath the smaller storage compartment. It had some water in it also, but it appears that one of the black connectors is missing and could have allowed water into that compartment from the engine compartment or the other way around, but no water came up over the nose at any time through this experience.

    Thanks for all of your help. I will report back with what we or the dealers find.

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    maybe i can help

    i am a dealer in ga... planet cycle....we have had this twice on 250's.. take seat off and also remove plastic rear under seat piece, check way down and behind everything on intercooler and there are five hoses running back there.3 are approx 3/4 inch and i bet one of them is off. had this prob in 07 as well. kawi should have corrected this but they didi not. just home from putting one back on tonight! new 2008 ultra 250. need a nut driver as screwdriver is very hard to get to and tighten. maybe even double clamp hose, is is warm water from intercooler and ski will usually go in limp mode, be sure to put it on and tighten asap. hope this helps and maybe when kawi corrects this we can have a better fix. shane

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    sounds like you didnt close the hose flush fitting............

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