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    what do you guys use for resin?? im paying about 120 bucks for a gallon of west 105..

    basically i'm going to be making my own "leo's holeshot" mods by flipping over each ski and filling voids. I already purchased 2x of leo's kits and was honestly going to finally put them in aft 2x years of watching them sit on my shelf in my shop but someone threw them out so i'm flipping my currently empty skis and filling with epoxy resin...any suggestions?


    and i meant 120 a gallon which includes a quart of 206 hardener

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    I would recommend that you look into "East System Epoxy". I have built hydros with both the West system and also the East System epoxies and they are very similar.

    For what you are doing I would recommend that you put a ton of microspeheres in there to lighten that all up !

    Noahs is in Toronto and can ship to the US. A gallon of West is $63 Candian which is somewhere around $50 USD.


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    Check this stuff out, it sets hard. Use a mold release wax pour it in let it set then remove it to shape it exactly how you want it then glue it back in.

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    I've ordered from this place a few times. Good stuff. 60 bucks for a gallon of resin and hardener.

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