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    Cleaning out engine compartment

    so how does everyone clean out their engine compartment. Do you use water house, soak it in a spray,

    How does everyone clean their engine bay, I own a 08 rxt-x!!

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    assuming you trailer your ski.
    get a 5 gal bucket of HOT water from the bathtub, mix in a full scoop of laundry detergent. or liquid detergent or whatever you like, simple green is very good also.
    pour into ski, make sure bilge plugs are IN!!!!
    take ski for a ride, ideally to the boat ramp!!
    the longer the ride the better, more sloshy, more washy.
    then launch ski and just ride it. not too crazy for the first few minutes cuz 5 gallons of water can slosh high enough to get into your intake.
    let the siphon tubes suck it all out.
    rinse at the end of the day with fresh water.
    if you are super environmentally friendly drain the water out in the parking lot, the detergent is bad for the fishy's.
    and if its super dirty use a toilet scrub brush to scrub all the hard to reach places.
    after washed and rinsed thoroughly usually a good idea to protect with bomby lube or fluidfilm or wd40...
    so next time everything rinses off easier.

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    Simple Green is good stuff

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    Or do as lextoy says with it on the trailer and drive it around the neighborhood several miles...

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    All you have to do is when you get back home spray degreaser diluted with water 50/50 all over the engine and bay, hose down the engine with water after that, if you have a compressor spray the engine with air, spray CRC and leave it inside the garage for 2 days without the seats.

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