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    RXT-X P-0326 (Knock Sensor) - Q + Where to buy.

    First, Nice to meet you all I am new to this forum and hope i can get here information and help and do the same for you

    My Name is Idan, I am from israel and just traded my GTX-SC185 with RXT-X 255, After 30 Hours i got an Check engine P-0326, i check here and found that this is the knock sensor.
    I replaced it with my friend`s sensor and the check engine stopped. Here in israel the knock sensor are very very expensive, can someone tell me where can i buy it from the net? can someone help me with buy it from US Store and send me? i have verifed business Paypal address if that can help.
    I read here that the price would be arround 50$ for the knock sensor is that right?

    Why do you think the knock sensor go bad after 30 Hours? isn`t it strange?
    Any idea how can i check it without the sea-doo computer?

    Thanks A Lot!

    Admins - If that not the correct forum please forward it.

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    Another Question, The knock sensor of RXT 2007 215 will suit to RXT-X 2008?


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    you can buy it from link to OEM parts on the left side of page

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    The link is:


    Just select Sea Doo PWC, the year and model of ski, then look for the knock sensor... Ron

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    First - Thank you very much but i couldn`t find this sensor there.
    The name is "Knock Sensor" ?


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    I have had trouble finding the part online also. Is it the "noise sensor" under "engine block w/ accessories"?

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