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    STX 900 Cooling Problem

    My engine overheat light is coming on my 1999 STX 900,No water is coming out of the pisser valve on the front.I have cleaned out all of lines with a flush and compressed air thru the line's,still little or no water out of the pisser.I have run out of Idea's any Help on this would be appreciated. ?????

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    I take it you back flushed the engine with/a hose connection? If so then it's time to take the upper part of the exhaust apart(looks like a Alien head) You may have sand & crud clogging the water jacket. Pay attention to the metal gasket just aft the pisser outlet, it restricts(by design) the amount of water passing through to the rest of the exhaust system (clog this up & you will overheat the waterbox & melt your aft exhaust rubber fittings) All your waterjackets may need cleaning in any case. This means taking off the head, & exhaust manifold to get to all the passages. Thats what i'd do anyway.

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    I pulled apart the upper exhaust last night,looked really clean inside so I put compressed air down all the water channels seemed to be clean so reassembled and hooked up the hose,looks like water out of the pisser now! I will put it in the water this week and see how it does. Thanks for your help!

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