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    help, 97 XP not running right.

    I bought a 97 seadoo xp last year in August which I finally was able to get out for the first time on sunday. Unfortunately i didnt put any stabil in the tank before it sat for the off season (rookie mistake). The ski ran fine for the first few hours on the lake. I filled up at a gas station on the water near by later in the day. At some point the ski started running strange and we had trouble starting it.

    It almost seemed like it was running on only 1 cylinder. I was able to see a spark from both plugs and it appeared gas or some mixture of fuel/oil was getting to both cylinders as 1 plug would look clean and the other had some black liquid on the tip of the plug (I assume oil/fuel). We swapped the plugs out and still had the same problem. When we would get it started up, the ski would top out about 15 mph and run really rough. It looks like my ski may have 2 carbs on it, is it possible one of the carbs is gummed up and causing the 1 cyl not to fire? I dont have a compression guage, but plan to buy one and test compression on both cylinders when I get home. I really hope its not something more than just carbs or plugs.

    I also wanted to note between the 5 people riding it, it seemed some water made its way into the hull as quite a bit came out when I opened the drain plugs. The ski was flipped a couple times and I dont think anyone was particularly careful about flipping it back over in the proper way (clockwise/counter-clockwise according to the sticker). Is it possble water may have gotten into something?
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    ouch not one response? I know the 97 is the supposed bastard child of XPs but cmon.

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    First check Compression, on a 787 engine it should be 150~165. If not, your Top End needs to be rebuilt and you still need to get to the Root Cause of why the compression may/may not have failed. (if test is not OK)

    Next check the Fuel Lines, if they are 12 y.o. Grey Lines you have found your problem.

    Replace all the Grey Lines which have decomposed (ALL of them) and clean or replace the Fuel Selector Valve.

    Next, remove, clean and rebuild both Carbs. They are full of crud from the Fuel Line internal breakdown. The rebuild kits have the Carb. Internal Fuel Filters to replace which are probably clogged badly.

    Last, but very important, siphon out the Fuel Tank and filter all the crud out of the bottom of the tank or you will recontaminate your newly rebuilt Carbs.

    You have your work cut out for you.
    This is considering the problems are Fuel related which on a 12 y.o. ski with an original Fuel System and no history of Carb. rebuild, probably is the case.

    Essentially, *any* Sea-Doo over 5~7 years old with the Original Grey Fuel Lines needs all these jobs to be done. The Fuel Lines are the root cause of all this trouble for many (many) people.

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    Now, If it's not the Carbs. or Fuel System, it may be electrical.

    Temporarily disconnect the Red wire of the Regulator/Rectifier Module inside the Grey electrical box.
    Ride it for no more than 15 minutes (WITH a FULL charged good Battery) to see if your symptoms change.

    The Battery will not be charging for this short run so keep it short. If your symptoms change to 'OK' then reconnect the R/R Red wire and ride again to verify.

    If 'bad' symptoms come back, like your running on one Cylinder and cant get up to full speed, replace the R/R Module.

    .... and while you are mucking around in your Hull, check the Rear Black electrical Box to be sure it's bone dry inside.

    Flipping the ski over is asking for expensive repairs, try to avoid it.

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    excellent, thank you brother. I know for sure we have the old fuel lines in there. I was hoping to get my first ride out of them before tearing them out. I will try your suggestions and update this thread for anyone who may come across the same issues.

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    Check your compression first.

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    On your '97 XP model the R/R Module is *not* in the Grey Box because there is no Grey electrical box.
    The R/R Module is easy to get to mounted on the MPEM near the Front of the ski near the nose.

    One bolt holds it on the MPEM (Black electrical module)
    One plug to temp. disconnect -- easy......

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    Ok checked compression first thing and got 145ish from the first cyl and 0 from the 2nd. Pulled the head and looks like something caused one of the rings to break up and destroy the piston and head. I will put up pics later. The cyl wall has some VERY minor wear/grooves.

    Is it possible to reuse the cyl. if the scratches are minor enough? How do I replace/repair the head? If so who can repair and would this require work on the carbs (jetting?). I checked the OEM parts link to the left and looks like OEM will cost ~$250. Im looking at part #19 here:

    The next question is what would cause this? I haven't pulled the carbs apart or replaced any fuel lines yet, so that will obviously be part of this project. Is it possible that the fuel system being all blocked up would cause it to run too rich/lean (whichever?) and trigger this? The oil appears to be getting into the cyl and that may be obvious to you guys but thought I would state it. Bear with me guys, trying to learn as fast as to come.
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    Had a friend take the pics, so far all I have a is a pic of the head. Hopefully someone can give some advice as to what would have cause the cyl (PTO/MAG?) to was the one closest to the rear of the ski. When the piston was pulled it was obvious the top ring had broken off and beat the piston/head to death. Ill try to get pics of the piston and cyl later this week. In the mean time any advice would be VERY much appreciated. Is it possible the crappy seadoo fuel lines and carb build up could have cause this?
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    How's your oil situation look? Dirty? low on oil? water? oil filter?

    If you're going to spend the time rebuilding, be sure you drain all the oil, check or just replace your oil lines & definatley install a new oil filter - new oil charge also.

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