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    Bearing grease

    Hey guys, I swung by and picked up a tube of Quicksilver 2-4-C grease to for my bearings. I pumped 2-3 pumps in the the grease zirk below the rear seat on my F12x and a few pumped into each of my bearing buddies on the trailer. While out a few weeks ago I noticed a bit of bearing chatter at part throttle. the Quicksilver grease is a lithium based grease and I am not sure what what in it to begin with. Could the new grease cause the bearing chatter? I know that some greases are not compatible with lithium greases. If I continue to pump grease into the zirk under the seat, will it flush the bearing with the new grease? Also, do you have to remove the pump to grease the 2 carrier bearings within it?

    Also, I have just applied for an account with Amsoil for our industrial applications here in out office and noticed they have greases as well. My rep gave me a tube of heavy duty synthetic grease that is #2, wheel bearing performance, chassis lubricant performance grade. Would this be a suitable grease for our bearings? It is an extreme pressure grease which I am not 100% sure on whether it can be used in this type of application.

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    I wouldn't think that the chatter has anything to do with the new grease. If you are hearing bearing noise, I would bet it is coming from your pump housing. You do have to take off the nozzle to get to the cap that holds the grease. If the bearing is making noise I would bet that your seal behind the impeller has gone bad and your bearing is showing signs of wear by making noise. There is good news and bad news... the bad news is the bearings are pressed in and require access to a press the good news is they usually last a long time after they start making noise and the bearings and seals are pretty cheap (about $65 for the set through SBT) By the way, I know this because I am doing this now. Mine has made the noise since I bought it and I have ridden it over 150 miles and it hasn't seemed to have gotten any worse... I'm still replacing them tonight. As for the weight of the grease, I'm not sure. Hope this helps.

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    just use a good grade EP2

    2 pumps every couple months.


    I use this.

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    Pressed in new bearings and seals filled with clean grease and she sounds like a new one. Not to bad of a job. I had access to a press, which was a must.

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