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    throttle problem ?

    Pleas help, I have this anoying double throttle problem . Ski ( 97 sea doo gtx 787) if gunned out of the hole will not accelerate past 36mph or increases rpm past 5000. Throttle pinned, im doing 36mph then I back off throttle then gun it and the ski takes off full power to 58mph. Even in slow turns I hve to back off then gun it for the ski to take off. In reverse or hooked up to hose engine reves up steadly with throttle. It only seems to happen when under full water load. Things done so far. Cleaned rave valves, new fuel lines, fuel filter, prop is new, wear ring good.

    Any ideas what to check next?

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    open up the carbs and clean them good,, check the tiny filters,

    do the plugs show signs of running lean??

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    throttle problem

    actually the plugs always look a little wet. I will order a carb kit and go through the carbs. It's the only thing I havent done to this ski yet.

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    i kinda have a similar problem...sounds like you are running lean...if your ski has the grey tempo lines change them all out with new hoses! also clean the fuel selector valve!

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