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    Exclamation 03 Ultra 150 going to limp mode

    I'm having a weird issue with my 03 Ultra 150. I was riding it first time since I bought it and it was hitting max revs but then it would cut out for a second, slow down and speed up again. Some time after that it started going into limp mode. Will hold rpms at 4k, when I turn the steering fully either way rpms go over 6k. Going straight and hitting small waves would make it speed up randomly. Compression was 100psi on all 3 cylinders with new sparkplugs and cold engine before riding, I'll check spark plugs for residue. I'm thinking there might be a sensor loose somewhere or some wiring/electrical issue. I will need some help locating sensors on this ski and figuring out which ones might be causing this issue. Thanks in advance!

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    One more thing, there is no warning lights on the display, the only one that is flashing is the battery one, it was on right from the start. When ski is in limp mode it will not turn over at all. I have to wait a minute or two and then it will turn over and start right up. 93hrs on it so far.

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    Sounds like it needs a good general going over. The 03 has smart steering so it will give it self gas if you let off and turn. Do a search here for the pdf of the manual.

    I would start with the battery and charging system, be sure all the connections are tight and clean. Limp mode can be caused by low oil or overheat but will usually turn the warning lite on. Ultras are known to clog up head fittings and overheat so check the cooling system too.

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    My bet is the cooling is clogged....get the 3 Pisser kit from Skiworx.

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    I'll check the cooling hoses, but all three cylinders felt cool to touch while riding so did the exhaust. Water was about 60F and engine was much cooler than my 1100ZXi would be. It's just weird that when going straight it would cut in and out of limp mode. Any Ultra 150 experts in Chicagoland area?

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    Temp Sensor

    Check/Fill the oil well around the temp sensor on the exhaust and/or Replace the temp sensor on the pipe. You should be fine after that

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    If its cutting in and out of limp mode when you turn, probably a bad sensor, or bad connection. The 1200 seems to run quite a bit cooler then the 1100, if its cool to the touch, might start looking at the sensor.

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    I ordered a new temperature sensor for $100!!! Repair manual is listing silicone grease 92137-1002 needs to be applied. Will regular marine grease do the job or anything else? Thanks for all you replies, I hope this will make it work.

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