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    Cracked Water Box; is this common?

    Has anyone experienced a cracked water box from either:1. a clogged J-pipe. 2. or clogging at the pisser holes 3. or from a clogged IC 4. or maybe a combinations of both? This a stock 05 RXP with just the R&D air intake, a RIVA grate, RIVA IC and exhaust as mods. It is a work in progress.

    The reason I ask, is that I put my 05 RXP into a local shop for some warranty issues (broken trim and speedometer) in Feb 09. The shop fixed the two easy items. But, called and told me the RXP was overheating and the external IC was clogged. They said, they checked the pissers in the J-pipe and the water box and found no problems, so they said it has to be the IC; they did this back in Feb.

    Well, it was an older GEN l IC from RIVA and most people agreed they are prone to clogging. So, I agreed to replace it without checking the old for air flow in the IC my self. They replaced it and then after the water test, the shop called and told me that the RXP was still overheating. After consulting with RIVA and Seadoo they went back to the J-pipe and they said they now found debris in the pisser holes and a crack in the water box which they said was causing the overheating problem. It took them 4 months to trouble shoot the overheating problem with 12 hours of labor and a new IC. They are insisting that the orginal GEN I IC being clogged caused of the stock water box failure and since it has RIVA parts it voids the warranty. But, they still have not shown the GEN I IC is clogged. You can breath very easily throught the GEN I IC. Their reasoning is a mystery to me.

    Also, even though the RXP was in their shop a month before the warranty expired, the shop is now saying the RXP is not longer under warranty, therefore we will not cover any warranty work even though it has had an open work order for this problem since Feb 09. The shop is telling me they can not nor will SeaDoo cover the waterbox(muffler) because the warreny expired while they were trying to determine the cause of the overheating. This is the most silly answer I have heard from a shop todate. I called Seadoo today and all they would say is have the dealer send them a copy of the invoice and they would investigate.

    Please let me know if you think a water box (muffler) crack is common due to overheating of any kind. I would like some comments, so I can debate the issue with the shops general manager tomorrow. Thanks ahead of time for the help.

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    I had a clogged Riva Gen1 IC ... you could not draw breath thru the water fittings at all ... it caused some overheat messages, but did not wreck my waterbox. The waterboxes are very thin IMO and quite a few people have either blown holes in them or cracked them and I think it is usually due to heat/lack of water flow. I still have my stock waterbox as do others, so don't pay for a new one, there are many used ones available cheap.

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    SeaDoo waterbox equals stiff aluminum foil.

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