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    Performance question

    I am brand new to the world of Jet skis. I have a 97 Yamaha GP1200 with a few questions. I bought it last yr with a new engine in it and it ran like crap. I figured out how to get the carbs adjusted and put new plugs in it. I can now get it to idle and start after the first try. The last owner had a bunch of mismatched plugs and the break in oil still in the tank. Last yr and last week the top speed was about 48 to 50. As the week went on the ski jumped alive and now goes 65 and got really loud. Nothing inside is loose or leaking. Can anyone give me an idea why it got loud and runs great now? I did find a small plastic spacer in the water shortly after but I dont think it came from my ski.
    Thanks Steve

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    im not sure why its loud but it has to be something came loose but the reason for it running better is its running at the rite mixture of fuel and oil to run at optimal conditions. too much oil like u had causes the motor to bog and run too rich and thats y u were going slow

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    I started it off this season with a tank of 40:1 and then slowly progressed to 50:1 and thats when it started to run good. It was like the gas got down to 1/4 and she came to life, and Iran 2 tanks of 50:1 and she runs great. I wonder how bad it is to run 50:1 instead of 40:1 for a prolonged time? The loudness could be from the engine actually running the full rpm band? Like I said before I am new to 2 stroke and jet skis.

    Thanks for your reply!

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