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    Kawasaki Ultra LX question

    Hello, I am not so experience with jetski and like to ask your advice. About 3 years ago I bought used Polaris Virage i. I had a lot of fun taking it out but had issues with starting the jetski. It is also difficult to find someone who wants to fix polaris jetski since they discontinued the product.

    So, this time I want to asked the Pros before I make my decision to buy another jetski. I found a new Kawasaki Ultra LX 2008 model at a dealer and likes the way it looks and most of all price.

    I like to know if it is a good reliable jetski for a family and what is a good price to buy this jetski? Is Sea Doo or Yamaha better if I compare around the same class model?

    Thanks for your help!

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    I don't know why nobody responded to you.

    The Ultra LX should be very good and reliable ski. Its the got the most current designed hull and the 1500 cc engine is proven in the 15f.

    Go for it.

    BTW, new ones for $7-8,000.

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    Thanks you!

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