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    RXT Sponson drop???

    Has anyone done this with results? i know its a common thing to do for CC on RXP and i also know the best drop is approx 20-23mm. I want to start racing CC with my RXT but don't know what the best drop fo this would be? I have tried the Riva sponsons but these don't really work and i know its just best to drop the standard ones. Does anyone know how much standard RXT-X sponsons are dropped compared to the RXT? Bearing in mind the sponsons are probably in the water more than a P. Was thinking 15-18mm Thanks for your help

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    yeah drop em mate
    but drop them until the bottom off the sponson is level with the bottom of the side so should be about 20 -25 mm not sure on an rxt

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    From what I've heard you have to redrill the holes in the hull

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