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    New Waverunner break-in tips thread?

    I thought it used to be stickied? Anyone know where the "How To" break-in a new engine thread is? I'm looking for tips on a FX HO break-in period.

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    The break in method is basicly the same for all skis. You can follow the manufacturer's suggestions, or the Greenhulk way seems to be warm it up (idle) for 5+ minutes until it get completely up to operating temperature and then gun it, bring the rpms up and then back off. NO sustained wide open throttle runs for the first 1-2 hours. Doing a couple hard pulls out of the hole will put a good load on the motor and help to seat the rings in. You can go WOT for very brief periods but vary your speed. I'd say after 2 hours of this kind of break in, drive it however you want.

    I broke my SHO in the Greenhulk way and most others have done the same. Model doesn't mater.

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    Perfect, that's exactly the type of info I was looking for, thanks!

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