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Thread: 2003 RXP

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    2003 RXP

    Hi all,
    Long time, no posting...just thought that I'd stop buy and ask a quick question. My buddy just bought a 03 supercharged RXP and I was wondering what are the negatives with that year boat (besides the supercharger bearings).
    Thanks all,

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    I think you mean 2004? They were not made in 03. I think they are great boats. Change SCer washers to metal, check the bailer tubes and add clamps. I have had a few live well into a few hundred hours no issue's.
    IMO, they are areal good ski after washers are changed. The flywheel bolts had some issue's, but IMO very limited, so I wouldn't worry about them, unless you are very mechanically inclind.


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    Thanks, I wasn't sure if they were made starting in 03 or 04. I was just going off the info that I was given. Well, at least it's good to hear they don't have many issues. Does Jerry still do the washer mod? If not, who close to Maryland does the mod?

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    Hey carbuff91, is Ann's Foot Longs still there on Ritchie Hwy and Rt 100 - by the Mall? I used to get footlongs there all the time - many years ago and sure miss them... Ron

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