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    1999 xl1200 exhaust part

    I am in the process of rebuilding my 1200 pv motor and in my exhaust pipe there was a cone(converter?) just floating around loose is this part important,or do I just throw it away?
    machine is all stock first time apart.

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    That was you cat. converter you need a d-plate and sensor chip get it out of there and replace it with a d-plate, think about waveater clips as well as oil block off plate so you can premix. gl with your ski
    Removing OE Exhaust
    1. Remove wrist lanyard; disconnect battery cables, spark plug wires and turn fuel valve to off position.
    FOR GPR’s: Remove battery and fire extinguisher container from battery tray. Next, remove the electrical box
    by removing the two OE M8 nuts and washers on each side of electrical box holding it to the front of the battery
    NOTE: Be careful not to cut or damage wiring around and/or leading into electrical box. Then,
    remove battery tray by removing the four cap nuts and lay electrical box down behind bulkhead.

    FOR XLL & XLT’s:
    Proceed to step 3.
    3. Loosen the two OE hose clamps that retain the large black exhaust boot/cooling coupler and slide boot/coupler
    forward over OE exhaust head pipe.
    Disconnect catalytic converter and exhaust outlet
    temperature sensors at their connectors located on side of electrical box. Loosen hose clamp retaining OE
    exhaust outlet flange to exhaust outlet water box coupler.
    4. Remove the M10 X 50mm bolts holding the two OE exhaust brackets to cylinder head and the one M8 X 35mm
    bolt holding the exhaust tail pipe to the exhaust mount at rear of engine. Leave exhaust bracket mounted on rear
    of engine in place. Remove rear section of OE exhaust system by loosening the OE #64 hose clamp on the gray
    coupler that joins the OE exhaust head pipe to the catalytic converter.
    5. Remove catalytic converter from rear section of OEM exhaust by removing the 6 M8 X 100mm bolts and replace
    with Cat Removal D-plate.
    D-plate will install only one way. Opening faces down. (We
    recommend using Permatex
    Copper SPRAY-A-GASKETHi-Temp Adhesive Sealant when reusing exhaust
    gaskets. This is available through RIVA Racing’s parts department [part# 80697] or most automotive stores.
    Please follow manufacturer’s instructions when using sealant.)
    6. Install rear section of OE exhaust by following steps 3 & 4 in reverse order. Torque OE M8 exhaust bracket bolts
    to 39Nm (3.9 m/kgf • 28ft/lbs) when installing.
    Use Loc-Ttite 271 on threads. Do not over tighten hose

    7. Slide the large black exhaust boot/cooling coupler onto rear section of exhaust and secure using OE hose clamps
    (see Installation Recommendations & Tips).
    Do not over tighten hose clamps.

    For GPR’s: Install battery tray, electrical box, battery and fire extinguisher in reverse order of step 2.

    For XLL’s & XLT’s:
    Proceed to step 9.
    9. Check bilge area for tools, loose lines and/or fittings. Reattach battery cables and turn fuel valve to on position.
    10. Upon completing installation, run engine on flush kit and check for leaks. After allowing engine to cool, go over
    all hose clamps to make sure they are seated properly. After your first test-ride we recommend you go over all

    hose clamps again after allowing engine to cool to ensure they are tight and seated properly

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    Will a loose or defective cat cov vause the ski not to start????

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    It can cause problem having a broken cat/con. There are very well known for failing. You have to purchase a d-plate and a riva temperator sensor chip. you can pick them up from the online store here.

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    Being your ski is a 1999 that is 10 years on those carbs test compression on the cylinders first if compression is good i would get those carbs rebuilt and fresh plugs, after you put the d-plate in . Gl with ski

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    I have the motor out for complete rebuild,had issue with pto side cylinder, I plan to remove oil injection, and rebuild carbs, I seem to be finding little problems as I go along, not to bad as this is the first time it has been apart since new

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    I have a good cat if you want to go that route.

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