In my last topic I asked if anybody had ever heard of the "Sea-Doo Brand" high altitude prop that was installed on the 2004 RXP and the 2008 RXPX. The pitch of this prop is 14/23 and the lake is at 3,000 ft. The RXP is doing ~68 at 7800 RPM. It haven't found another stock RXP, Kawi, Yami, that will touch it when its smooth. Hard to keep up with the Kawi 250 in the chop .

Meanwhile, the RXPX is running 8100 RPM with the same prop. I do not have top end data yet, as it is not fully broken in so I do not want to run for long periods with the hammer down.

So, I am thinking that a grate and a 4" intake might get the RXP up to 8000 RPM plus any added MPH associated with it. Am I close?

On the RXPX, I was thinking that it might be losing a little top end if it is sitting on the rev limmiter, so maybe a 81MM nozel might be the right first move. What advice might you guys have?