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    1997 Tigershark

    I have a friend who's brother is selling a 1997 Artic Cat tiger shark I am thinking of buying. He told me it was a 750CC and was rebuild and only ridden a couple of times when he lived in Georgia. When he moved to Texas it sat unstarted for 5-6 years. He said it should need only battery, new gas and it should run. I dont know the model of the ski yet but was going to buy it for my wife to drive. I was told it was Yellow...I dont know anything about Tigersharks and own a seadoo GTX Di. He was going to clean it up (wash, buff, and wax) and sell it for $1000. He said if I wanted it as is he would let it go for $800. Does this sound like a good deal, and what should I look for on this ski. I have not went and looked at it yet. Are these oil injected, computer controlled, Good handling for my wife???? ???? Thanks, Ronnie

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    Tigersharks are great skis. Hook a battery to it (car battery with jumper cables is fine just dont start the car while your jumping the ski) and see if it will start if it does its worth the 8 but if you cant get it going I would pass. (you will have to get fresh gas to the carbs if the gas in it is 5 to 6 years old, and I would pull the plugs and spray some fogging oil or some 2 stroke oil and turn it over by hand a few times while the plugs are out) Good luck with it!!

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