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    1990 Waverunner lx problems

    I have a 1990 Waverunner ski that had been sitting for a while, so I took the carb apart and cleaned it up. When I put it back on, got fresh gas/oil in and started it revved up to wide open throttle. The throttle cable is not hung up on anything and the throttle linkage is in its proper place, so does any body have any idea as to what would be causing this, Is it the reeds or is it something else? Thanks for any input.

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    it was a lean runaway.. when first time fireing of rebuilding carbs, this condition seems to happen quite often... it will prob act normal till your next rebuild .. to get it to die in a runaway , you ether have to flood it with fuel or smother it so air is not pulled in... check your seal at the crank for blow out and try to visually inspect your intake gaskets for any leaks... your restar now will prob be fine,but keep a goo9d heavy rag handy to smother it incase

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    Yep. I remember having to shove rags in my carbs one day when mine did that...

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