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    Noise on 2007 Ultra

    My brothers Ultra 250X has developed a strange noise on low RPM, it comes and goes and it is really hard to locate were it comes from. We checked the Pump bearing and they were fine. sounds more like something is loose but we cant locate it.

    Thank you

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    check the supercharger tensioner pulley. If it locks it will break the belt too. A noisy pulley means it will go soon, do not ride until replaced.

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    how did you check the pump bearings?


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    I agree with the pulley bearings too. Check all of them

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    Similar Issue

    I have a '07 250x bone stock. Whenever I run water through the engine (via hose to wash it out after rides) I hear a odd vibrating sound. I did not hear this sound the first two summers I rode the ski (bought in summer '07). When I apply any pressure to the throttle the sound disappears. The only maintenance I have done until now has been plugs, oil, gas, winterizing, and washing out after rides. I am in the process of purchasing a service manual since I found out this is not enough. I have also noticed a slight drop in performance since last summer (say 2-3+ mph at top end, possibly lower acceleration). Should I be afraid to ride the ski until I get the manual and check it out?

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