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    2003 vs. 2002 1200 DI Lower End Swap

    I have a 2003 MSX 140 with a shot motor. I am looking a a lower end off a 2002 1200 DI. Are they interchangeable? I am looing at a case, crank, stator, cover, oil pump. I have the top end.

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    There are differences between the 1192cc MSX 140 stator and flywheel and the 1165cc Ficht parts. I do not know if they are interchangeable.

    There are small differences in the case and crank shaft, and the MSX oil pump has a fourth oil line to lubricate the front main bearing.

    I think there is an extra clip or groove in the MSX 140 crank shaft, but that only matters if you are mixing cranks and cases.

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    The cc difference I assume is going from an 84mm piston to an 85mm piston. I thought other guys were changing to a stator off of 2002's since the 2003's seemed to be suspect. I wonder if the 1165 cc case has an oil line input for the 4th oil line from the pump. I have all the parts off the 2003. The crank is toast and the bottom case has a huge hole in it. but I could change stuff around to accomodate.

    Anybody else?

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