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    96 SL780 - fuel filter

    MY 780 battery went dead out in the water. During towing we flipped it. Rep. bat. but can not start it again, so I took off fuel filter looking for water. Didn't see any. But I notice that the fuel filter bowl doesn't refill over 1/3. Am I missing something. What should I look for to get it stated again?

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    How fast were you towing it?

    Did you clamp off the cooling water hose before towing?

    Does the engine crank over normally?
    If not, you may have hydro-locked the engine.

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    thanks for your reply. not i didn't clamp of cooling water hose. didn't know i had too. (i'll learn more about that later). what is a hydo-locked engine? ps- i got the ski running after my 1st post by using the throttle while starting. did fine. went out in the water for 3 or 4 min and it shut off with a clunk>> tried restarting by sounds like the starter will not ingage. what going on? this shutting off with a clunk and the starter sounding like it will not engage is what started my problems sunday that required my tow to begin with. any help would be appr.

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    Check for something stuck in your jet pump/intake area.

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