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    2003 GTI LE Questions

    Looking for my first ski, found a pair of 2005 VX110s, but they were rentals, have 300 hours each, and were run in salt water, all of which has me thinking they are not the skis for me.

    Kept looking and found a pair of 2003 GTI LEs, ad claims 2 hours each (don't know if this is original or after rebuild), with a double trailer for $6500. Don't know much about Seadoos (other than I am not a big fan of the thumb throttle) does this sound like a fair price? What are the specs on the GTI? Anything specifically I should look for when checking these skis out?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Just talked to the owner on the phone. The skis have 21 hours on the hulls and 2 hours on SBT replacement motors, installed by Pete's Cycle here in Baltimore. Owner says he let the skis sit for 2 years and they seized, and Pete's recommended replacement motors over rebuilding the originals. Any thoughts? Still a fair deal at $6500 with a trailer.

    Thanks again.

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    A LOT of people hate the SBT motors, I have NO experience with them. Judging just by what I hear, I would stay away from those and keep looking.

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    Okay so I went and checked them out, both very clean. Steering was a bit tight on one, what would cause that? Other thing I noticed one was a single carb, one had dual carbs, what is the deal with that? Should I be scared of the SBT motors?

    Sorry for so many questions, and thanks for the help, just don't want to regret my decision.

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    SBT makes their own parts. They will turn a crank and use undersized bearings which can only be replaced by them. They seem to have a pretty good warranty - but only if you want to sell the ski and sell it... Ron

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    Who thinks I would be better off with the VX110s with 300 hours?

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