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    Question troubleshooting Subaru trailer lighting

    have Subaru factory trailer lighting kit. Tail lights, running lights and 4 way flashers on trailer do not work. Reverse, blinker and breaks work. I've put tester directly onto factory trailer light module inside spare tire compartment and it reads the same. I'm guessing it's either the module, connection at lights or fuse?

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    Have you hooked a trailer up to it to test, or are you just using a test light?

    Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but it seems like you're probing the pins to test for function...???

    If the trailer is connected...I find it strange that you'd get working blinkers, but not the 'flashers'.

    ??? - Brian

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    I've hooked up both the trailer and the test light. No tail lights or yellow running lights...i'm using a plug in tester light tool (handy). Don't know if the oem module needs replacement, if there is a dedicated trailer module fuse...or if the module just burns out...will work on it tonight

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    Does your Subaru have seperate amber flashers?
    If so, it requires a controller box to send those Left and Right turn indicators and Hazard lamps to the shared "Turn & brake" bulbs on the trailer.

    I'd start there. If you have a known good ground and probe the "Yellow" wire coming out of your controller, you should get power when the LEFT turn signal, brake, and hazard lamps are triggered.

    Same goes for the "Green" wire. However, it will trigger on RIGHT turn, brake, and hazard.

    If you dont have that, either your controller box is bad (U-Haul can set you up with a new one, if you have one nearby - or ), or you have blown a towing fuse, if your subaru is equipped.

    EDIT: It looks as though some Subarus have two fuse boxes, although I doubt your car is equipped with dedicated fuses for a seperate set of towing lights.

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