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    I am thinking about putting a gp1200 pump on my gp800 to give more thrust is this a good thing? If so has any done it before give me some tips on prop. What would be some gains of doing this. I just trying to get it to plan faster!! I ride 2up on my 1998 gp1200 and it seem more stable and also plan faster then the 1999 gp800. The gp800 seems to want to sink in the back more and doesn't want to plan out as fast. I want to keep the gp800 since my wife and friend like the power better then my gp1200.

    The 1998 gp1200 as
    R&D intake and rideplate
    Solas X Prop
    I think the waterbox as gutted there no baffles in it also vary loud.

    The 1999 gp800
    R&D Intake grate and stock rideplate
    and a Solas Concord 13/17
    Should I gut the Waterbox also?

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    if your looking for more bottom .. have the impeller pitched as a blaster impeller.. this would be the best bet for out of the hole power and planeing ability and costs involved...
    changing your pump to a larger diamiter ,( an 800 has the 144???) ,will give you all that,but at added cost...youll still have to repitch a 155 impellar... in My gp760 i'm going to install the 155 but am dropping the impellar to a custom pitch for acceration but am also adding mods to give it that power... call carl at island tell him what you want to do ( he did my impellar)..other benders can do the same thing for you and give you what you want with out the expence of adding the 155...

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