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    92 sl 650 impeller

    I'm looking for a impeller for my 92 sl 650. Or will a nujet pl-a5.0 work on this machine

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    According to impros website, there are no nu-jet props available for your ski since it has the smaller 146mm pump.

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    Welcome diesel.

    Ebay has a ton of impellers for yours.

    Make sure it's for a 92 or 93 pump as those were 146mm pumps, and all the newer ones use a 148mm.

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    Welcome to the Hulk

    You can simply replace your 146mm impeller (lots around on eBay), or you have the option of installing an entire used Polaris 148mm jet pump.

    The 148mm modular jet pump is a better design, and will deliver more thrust from the same engine power. Just make sure the impeller pitch or part number matches the 1994 650 engine.

    The 148mm jet pump bolts right in where your 146mm pump came out.

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