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    Need a stock '08 SHO impeller

    I've got myself in a fix. I messed up the stock impeller on my '08 SHO. Rather than ordering another stock impeller, I ordered the R&D 12/20 impeller. Well.... they've been back-ordered for almost 4 weeks now !! So, it's been mid-May since I've had my SHO on the water!

    I feel kind of stupid asking this, but I thought it might be worth a shot!! I was curious if anyone would be willing to sell and/or loan a stock impeller that they might have lying around? I would be willing to pay for shipping and whatever you would want to charge me to borrow it and/or buy it. Once my R&D impeller comes in, I could mail the impeller back (or obviously buy it if I were to damage it in any way) or keep it if I were to buy it out right.

    The kicker is.... I'm wanting to ride this weekend... Am I being unrealistic? Anyone interested??

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    Not completely unrealistic. If I had a spare I wouldn't mind overnighting it to ya if you were paying for it.

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    I have my stocker. I had Dave at Impros fix it up good as new.

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