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    2-96 slt/slx 780 couple of problems.....HELP

    First off 96 slt 780 mfd stopped working. was working the other day and by the end of my run it stopped working. Checked it today and the fuse was blown changed the fuse and now it reads 8 right in the middle of the screen and that is it. Next 96 slx 780 taking off with the lever pinned it will bog for about 300 ft then it takes off. if I spin to the left after getting up to speed it bogs but if i spin to the right it stays throttled. Also on this machine my display says lo pwr could this be caused by a faulty solenoid? Or is it something different? This machine has a brand new battery and it was running great last time I had it out. Also is it okay to run a bit of Sea Foam through the carbs?(In the gas of couse) I am going to thumb through my clymers but any info would great.

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    Pay attention to posts #5 and # 15

    I linked you to the MFD Q in your other post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by craigrs View Post
    ...I am going to thumb through my Clymers but any info would great.
    Download and thumb through the 1992-1998 Polaris service manual.

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