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    stx 15-f

    Just picked up a stx 15f ski.. First watercraft and like it alot. One question it pulls to the right when im running above and around 45 mph.. Brand new 08 and just put one hr on it.. any ideas ? thnks

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    Mines and few others on Greenhulk did the samething.. eventually it stopped for me but a fren of mine apparently just adjusted the steering nozzle?.?

    It seems to be with all 15F's. It doesnt cause that much of a problem.. but i have aftertmarket sponsons and rideplate..

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    any ideas on how one might go about adjusting the steering nozzle. im looking for a manual also.. thnks...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jakewisc View Post
    any ideas on how one might go about adjusting the steering nozzle. im looking for a manual also.. thnks...
    Probably the best thing to do if you have never adjusted one is take it in and have the shop adjust it ... there are 2 adjustment points on the cable and you need to know which one to adjust... thats the tricky party

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    OK I was having the same exact problem on my 08 15F. It always seemed to pull to the right yet according to the instructions, everything was lined up correctly. So I thought it was me....perhaps I was always leaning on one side or whatever. At anyrate, yesterday I'm taking my evening cruise along the Hudson River when suddently I lose steering. When I got the ski back on the trailer, I discovered that the cable had snapped about a 1/4 inch above the nut that attaches to the nozzle. I suspect that what was happening is that the steel rod on that end was cracked and when pressure was applied, the crack expanded on a regular basis until it finally snapped.

    The only symptom that I can really point a finger at is that when the boat was on the trailer, and I wiggled the handlebars back and forth there was no play in the steering. However when on the water at speed, there was always some play.

    I am now trying to get Kawasaki to replace it under their "Good Times Protection Plan." They are saying that a steel rod bracking is "normal wear."

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