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    Need SeaDoo XP Advice

    Hey Seadoo guys...

    I'm a Polaris owner (only because I just got into this last year and that's why I happened to buy), but my buddy is looking at a 95 Seadoo XP for sale. The guy is asking $1400 with a new battery and trailer. It's a little faded, but starts and runs like a champ.

    Is there anything I should tell him to look out for on these machines before he jumps for it??

    Thanks in advance for any feedback!!

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    Check the compression, make sure the trim works, the gauges work.Most of all test ride it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gms05rxt View Post
    Most of all test ride it.
    And bring your gps with you. It should hit 58 or so in calm water. If it won't go over 56 somethings wrong with it.

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    The 95 xp will never hit 58 stock. 48-52 will be suffice for it. The ski only has 85hp. Check for leaks and compression. If you take care of it they will run forever.
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    I would personally hold off on the 95 XP 720cc and look for a 96 XP 800cc... much better machine with 25 more hp and it has a "RAVE valve engine" for probably around the same price... The only good thing about the 95 XP 720cc is it has the extended pump... if your luck enough to find a 95 XP 800 limited for sale... buy it!!!!!!!!

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