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    Polaris Hurricane NO SPARK

    i have a 96 polaris hurricane 700 with no spark. last summer i went to put it in the water and had no spark then this winter went to test the stator coil and so on. everything read right put it back together and started right up. I started it up and ran it about 20 times then went to put it in the water and no spark when i got to the boat launch.

    Do you think that the stator is bad and should i get the update kit or is there another problem i should be looking for? If i need the update kit what it involved with putting it back together.

    Thanks for the help

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    There are a bunch of things that can cause no spark. One of them is the original stator/CDI is failing.

    Before you buy the Update Kit, check the basics.

    Check battery voltage while cranking. It must be over 10.5 volts while cranking, or you will not have spark.

    If battery voltage is good, open the electrical box, and check voltage between black terminal and Red/Purple wire that goes to the CDI. Again, voltage must be over 10.5 volts.

    If there is any question about the battery, replace the battery. A new battery often solves the no spark problem for a lot of people.

    Make sure the spark plugs are the correct part number, and the plug wires and boots are in good condition. Check the ohms for the coil, wires, and plug caps.

    Have a look at the diagnostics section in the service manual.

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