The 2009 NorCal-SoCal West Coast Freedom Ride was a great success and was enjoyed by all. Thank you to everyone from NorCal for making us feel so welcomed. Special thanks go out to Chatty, Carlos, Sandi, Rick, Cheryl, Jim, Phil ,John and all the support staff for all your help. Thank you to the SoCal committee and support staff for coming together and make this happen even with last minute changes. The show will go on with or without AWA because of the friendships we have built over the years. It all comes down to our commitment to taking care of our member both on and off the water and making sure everyone is safe and having a good time.

I want to express appreciation to all and especially to those who came from long distances and participated in this 3rd Annual event. For those who didn’t make it this year, we missed you and hope to see you next year. I hope you all enjoyed your stay as much as I did. We always try to keep improving so if there were anything that could have been done better, we will fine tune and make it better next year. In my humble opinion, you get more by what you put in so just don’t ask or expect what the club can do for the members, but as a member what you can do to help make it better. Take action!

I had a really great time and was well fed by our master chef family – Russell, Dana, and James. I want to thank Surfracer (Brian) for letting me stay at his Lance Camper; it was a very nice gesture of Brian as he went out of his way to make “camping” more fun for me since everyone knows how much I love camping and “Roughing It”.

Here is a complete photo album of the event and let me start off with some of the highlights.

Double Click on these images to view larger resolution.

Early crack of dawn at Orwood Resort:

Rider meeting and sign up:

Where can you find this dynamic group, I can't ask for more:

United We Stand, one for all and all for one. 41 PWC and total count of 50 members (9 of which riding double)


Wet Bike "Hell Anglers" LOL:

Millions THANKS to Russell and his family for well fed our members. WE all appreciate very much and we know alot of work and TLC put
into those delicious meals to make it happen.
Friday night burger & hot dog:

Saturday morning breakfast:

Saturday night tri-tips steak dinner:

Members gather around for dinner at campsite:

Cheryl swing off the rope:

Arriving Port of Stockton:

Beach Party at Ski Beach:

My pal (Katie) and I at ski beach:

This is how Brian and I roll this year:

We were surrounded by our "State Farm" friendly neighbor LOL:

Governator, his son (Bryce) and I:

Looking for economical property to buy in the Delta:

CA-Delta has it all:

Union Point:

Brian new Sea Doo RXT 255IS meant to ride on The Delta LOL:

WTF??? Pirate drove all the way up just for tri-tips LOL:

Carlos "The Businessman" with his new speedster:

Phil & Michelle aka "Phi-Chelle"

Safety Ski Team and their buddy "Pig" :


Russell's son (James) arriving Stockton: