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    RXT Mods Tested - Good and Bad News

    I installed a RR high boost SC wheel and solas 14/19. Asked a few guys before installing who said the prop is a good fit, but I was only turning 7,500 rpms max after the install. That's the bad news, good news is I was hitting my old top speed of 66mph at 7,500 rpms.

    Going to pitch the prop (first time) to a 14/17 and retest. I also noticed the low-end and mid-range power didn't improve. Should I try to repitch to a 13/17?

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    I'm not prop savvy so I can't comment on that but check for boost leaks and make sure everything is tight.

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    boost leaks

    Only places boost leaks can happen is the sc housing and hose to throttle body, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Throttlemire View Post
    Only places boost leaks can happen is the sc housing and hose to throttle body, right?
    Yes, unless you are running an external intercooler. If you are not running an external IC, consider getting one before bending the prop.

    Note: remember that bending the trailing edge of the prop will not change the root angle of the prop. Your 14/19 will not become a 14/17 by bending the trailing edge. I would recommend researching someone that can get you a pro-pitch on that prop, but the external IC would get you more RPM.

    Also remember that every boat and set-up is different...just like a snowflake. A 14/19 that works on someone's ski with the same set-up as yours MAY NOT work on your ski. I had a 14/19, which I bought after recommendation, and ended up getting a 15/20...then pro-pitching to a 12/18!

    "Details." *quoted from Danny


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    Quote Originally Posted by jpeconsult View Post
    f you are not running an external IC, consider getting one before bending the prop.

    Hey Throttlemire great advise above. EXT Intercooler will really wake things up but you may need bigger injectors to support it. Not sure if its needed with the RR high boost wheel or not.

    What were your RPMs with the stock prop/wheel? Have you tried the new wheel with stock prop? What were your RPMs? I'm curious to see if you'd be on the limiter or not. Easy enough to test and best of all its free.

    If you had room before, you might be just right with the stock prop in there.


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    Little Mistake

    Thanks for the input guys. The prop is actually a 15/21, but I was thinking it was a 14/19 (it was originally, then repitched), so no wonder the RPMs are so low. My bonehead move. Going with an external IC and injectors would be nice, but not right now. Next mod will be exhaust and thermostat.

    I was right at 8050 or so with stock prop, but thinking to repitch it and throw it in there.

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