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    Need Help With an Interesting Problem - 02 GP1200R

    Hello all, I'm looking for advice with a new problem. I had the ski out at the end of last year and it ran great. I topped off the tank and added stabil before storing for the winter. I took it out last week for the first time and it would not go over 40 mph and had a much lower, deeper tone to the exhaust. I tried putting the fuel selector switch on reserve and it did not change anything.

    The only mods done to the ski are a D-plate and chip, and primer kit. Now if I pump the primer while I'm riding, it will surge and accelerate consistent with the pumps of the primer. I took the ski out of the water and played with it a little while on the trailer. I checked the plug wires and all were tight. Compression was a little low, at 100, 110, and 105, front to rear, but consistent. While idling, if I pull the rear spark plug wire off the plug, the rpms do not drop. If I do this with the other two cylinders, it almost stalls. I pulled the spark plug and grounded the plug on the head while running, and it is sparking away like crazy.

    I'm thinking it is a fuel issue within the carbs and don't believe the rear cylinder is getting any fuel. But when I pump the primer, it delivers the fuel from an exterior line and this causes the surge. I currently have the carbs sent off to Island Racing for a rebuild and am hoping this is the problem. I was just wondering what you guys think in the meantime in case the problem turns out to be something else. Thanks for you help.

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    Sounds like you have the issue figured out. Wait to see what Carl says.

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    okay, thanks. I guess that explains the lack of responses?

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    As long as you have the pipe and carbs off, why not pull the head to confirm that everything is good in there.

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    That's not a bad idea, I might do that. Is the head gasket reusable?

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    Yes you can re-use the head gasket just get a can of copper spray to coat the gasket before you re-assemble the head.

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    Ok, thanks. I guess that's assuming it all comes apart in one piece!

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