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    Need help fast...!

    I rebuilt the carbs tonight for my ski and went to re-attach the carbs to the base and dropped the last hex bolt, it is no where to be found. I would like to re-attach the carbs to the motor before I re assemble the exhaust and hook everything back up in the ski and can't put the carbs back on without that bolt.

    Favor number 1: If anyone has any of those bolts laying around, would you be willing to ship one to me ASAP. I will pay for shipping and the bolt. It is for a 66e Super BN-I carb.

    Favor number 2: I also need an intake manifold gasket. Not the carb base gaskets, but the one that goes between the motor and the bracket that the carbs are mounted on. I will pay for quick shipping and the gasket.

    If anyone has any of these available, please let me know and let me know how much for each, I will pay for USPS express or priority mail, whichever is faster, I would like to get this whole project wrapped up and have the ski done by next week, and would like finish it over the weekend or even Thursday night. My cousin is coming in from out of town to get married, and is bringing the grooms family from out of town, the wedding is the weekend of the 4th and I'd like to have to the ski ready and running so I can tow it out to the bay behind the boat, one of the plans for after the wedding is to have a rafting party in the bay to show the grooms family a good time and I'd like to have the ski there for added fun.

    Let me know, thanks.

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    I'd personally go into a hardware store or marine store and see if they offer the gigantic racks full of stainless metric and standard bolts etc. Luckily there is a place near me called Onset hardware that has absolutely everything

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    I will definitely check out the local Tractor Supply and see if they have it, just thought I would check here since I need the gasket as well. The hardware store that used to have loads of stuff went down and out of business.

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