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    90 kawasaki 650 ts exhaust

    new to the world of jet skis just bought 2 and one of them is a 90 kaw 650 ts. here's prob started up just for a sec to make sure it ran did not put any water to it but out of th exhaust comes a oilwater milky mix. took exahust off at manifold and it appears that someone has taken it apart before but didn't put it back together does anyone have a diagram of how the spring and 2 end pieces go back in. oh and one more thing and this maybe all related but the short time i ran it that same residue was coming out from around the spark plugs any help

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    residue.... spark plugs??? wtf man... i think he sold u a DOA motor... its gunna need a rebuild and knowing what i know it probly sucked water from the bottom oil drain ... they are pos. i had a 650 ts... i had to do that rebuild too due to mayo being in my motor. aaand fyi i do have a manula but its too big to upload. sorry

    the milk in the exhaust is no biggie mie does that.. its calcium... oil... and exhaust mix.. plus what ever is in those pistons

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