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    What to do GP1200 or 1300??

    Hey great sire first off, been lurking a while waiting for the boat to sell and here i am,,,woo hoo.My question is on the GP1300 would it be worth buying over some nice 1200's futher away for at 1k cheaper?hope its not too lame and vauge.If found quite a few 1200's in kansas which is at a minimum 4 hours for the closest one or a 03 1300 not to far away here in nebraska.Whats the major difference in the skis or are there really?

    thanks in advance, and what ever i do get ill be sure to post it up.

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    welcome to the board...

    bigger is better!
    more CC`s = more fun/speed...

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    If you can swing the coin for a 1300, I'd do it...fuel injection, bigger motor, pump extension...

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    i feel that it is nice not to mess with carb settings. i dont know much about them but they seem to need adjusting after anything you do.

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    Ok thanks, so i assume the 1300's came with the improvement of fuel injection then?

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