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    650sx starting issue

    First i'm new to 3 different things: pwcs, wrenching, and green hulk. just got a 88 650sx that sat for 3-5 years. put in a new battery, spark plugs, and just cleaned it up a little bit. it started after the new battery and numerous attempts. got ready to take it to the lake saturday morning, went to start it and it just clicked. didn't crank just clicked from the little box. i've heard bendix, starter, stator, sylenoid. only paid $100 for it so am expecting a few issues...but looking for a little help before i tear into it. any and all help is much appreciated

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    new starter for $70 on ebay is coming in the mail tuesday or wednesday. we'll see...

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    could be stator

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    hope not....or anything else for that matter, this was the second weekend since i've had it and of course the weather was beautiful

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    Check battery cables. Make sure there extremely tight with good connection

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    starting solenoid prob. did you ever figure it out?

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